Our Work

Sofa Designing

Our work starts from sofa designing, we make sketches of sofa skeleton on blank white paper using pencil or pen. This sketch contains the measurement of each part of furniture associated with part of the sofa like seat, back and handle, height, width, etc. We mark and write the measurement so the furniture team will get idea what to do and how the skeleton look like. Sofa designing is first step and very important in the life cycle of sofa furnishing business.

Sofa Designing Skeleton Picture 1
Sofa Designing Skeleton Picture 2
Sofa Designing Skeleton Picture 3
Sofa Designing Skeleton Picture 4

Sofa Furniture

Furniture is the second level of sofa product manufacturing. We use branded furniture item, plywood, wood block, sticky adhesive and screws so that the final furniture skeleton will have a long lasting life, finishing in sizes, great design as per design page and wooden safety. We use different brand items for different orders as per requirement and customer request. We do not use very low level furniture. Once the skeleton ready furniture team will cross check the final sizes needed as per design and then it will go to the next level.

Sofa Furniture Skeleton Picture 1
Sofa Furniture Skeleton Picture 2
Sofa Furniture Skeleton Picture 3
Sofa Furniture Skeleton Picture 4

Sofa Cushioning

Sofa Cushioning level needs ready furniture skeleton to start work. Cushioning means fitting of cushion, foam, cotton according to the requirement. We use branded foam material to deliver comfortable and finished product. We may need different different sizes and density foam requirement while we are on cushioning step to make different parts of skeleton as per design provided. We use adhesive solutions for pasting the foam and wood material. For making some jump rest in sofa we mostly use cotton strips, cotton strips with elastic, rounded springs, etc. Most important thing need to confirm in this step is the comfortable rest after all cushioning work done and We always provide you with that.

Sofa Cushioning Work Picture 1
Sofa Cushioning Work Picture 2
Sofa Cushioning Work Picture 3
Sofa Cushioning Work Picture 4

Fabric Cutting & Sewing

Fabric cutting is the most important and need concentration while cutting. For fabric cutting we have plane surface and very clean area. For this we need the fabric ready for the customer or the choice of customer to apply for a product. We first measure the length of available/provided fabric and then we start calculating how we have to get different parts of sofa design fabric piece. Once measurement got we started marking lines and cutting of each block of fabric we marked. On parallel our team member starts sewing/tailoring the fabric pieces if required in sofa design so that cutting & sewing completed mostly same time. We mostly use scissors to cut the fabric because if in case any fault in cutter tool while cutting may be a big loss to us. This step is very important and serious about cutting because fabric ranges from medium to high prices and if in case any wrong marking, cutting done this will be a loss to us.

Sofa Fabric Cutting Work Picture 1
Sofa Fabric Cutting Work Picture 2
Sofa Fabric Cutting Work Picture 3
Sofa Fabric Cutting Work Picture 4

Fabric Fitting & Finishing

Once we ready with cushioning and fabric pieces, we start fabric fitting according to design. There may be different design to show, here we manage all this with cushioning step as well. We mostly use a stapler gun, hammer, screw, nut-bolt and required tools in this step to fit the fabric to cover the cushion foam with furniture skeleton. We design the skeleton so that we can easily fit the fabric on furniture.

Sofa Fabric Fitting Work Picture 1
Sofa Fabric Fitting Work Picture 2
Sofa Fabric Fitting Work Picture 3
Sofa Fabric Fitting Work Picture 4

Final Touch

This is the last step we do is the final touch on the finished product after fabric fitting. We check all dimensions of the product and comfortable feeling after sitting and using the product. If in case we found anything we fixed that and then only we pass this product for dispatch process.

Sofa Final Checks Picture 1
Sofa Final Checks Picture 2
Sofa Final Checks Picture 3
Sofa Final Checks Picture 4

Ready Product

Here we have the finished product ready to dispatch or transport to the right address.

Ready Sofa Product Picture 1
Ready Sofa Product Picture 2
Ready Sofa Product Picture 3
Ready Sofa Product Picture 4